Business Enablement

As a business, you would rather focus on your core competencies than on investing management or operational bandwidth into ancillary tasks. Leave those to the experts! 

For a manufacturing or a services setup, a host of business enablement services are required for smooth and uninterrupted operations. As partners in long-term growth and success, we offer the following support services to enable businesses to maximize their ROI. 

Partner Tie-Up

  • While on paper, business operations look similar, each business has unique challenges and thus requires a unique partner. We work with you to identify the ideal partner for a potential JV or an outright acquisition. 
  • We identify, profile, and select partners, contingent on factors including market entry strategy, FDI provision and more. 
  • We further conduct a detailed commercial and financial due diligence to help you determine the right strategic fit.

Procurement Research

  • For any business, raw materials are the lifeline. A business needs to have an uninterrupted, timely, and cost-effective supply of best quality inputs.
  • We conduct rigorous due diligence including company profiling, credit checks, and quality checks to ensure that we identify the most optimum sourcing partner for your business

Executive Search

  • The most important component of any business? Its people! 
  • At Business Access Partners, we have a dedicated executive search practice that works with companies entering India to identify and hire the right talent across levels and especially at senior levels. We cater to skilled, semi-skilled and contractual manpower mandates across levels as well.
  • We leverage our decades of experience, sectoral expertise and strong industry connect to find business and cultural fit for recruitment mandates.