Research and Consulting

The genesis of a great new market entry or new setup success story is seated in solid research and strategy. We arm our clients with exactly this. Our India focused Go-To-Market study has been highly sought after in recent times. Equally, our more targeted dip stick studies or feasibility assessments have led to successful set ups.

An India based market expansion or entry strategy demands multi-industry as well as deep domain expertise. With a core team of highly experienced advisors, we bring this expertise to our clients. Our transparent and objective insights enable our clients to accurately quantify the opportunity in the target market, ascertain the risk and formulate a winning strategy.

Some of our customized research & consulting offerings include

Market Assessment & Feasibility

  • Demand and Supply Dynamics
  • Market Sizing and Estimating Growth Potential 
  • Identifying Total Addressable Market Opportunity
  • Evaluating Competitive Scenario
  • Pricing Studies 
  • Feasibility Analysis and Studies

Value Chain Analysis

  • Deep dive analysis of the inbound and outbound operations including support functions
  • Core competency and competitive advantages identification
  • Enabling key decisions like build vs buy, buy vs lease, in-house vs outsource

Go-To-Market Strategy

A sought after and critical service, it encompasses all the elements of the above services to finally arrive at the critical Go/No-Go decision and how to go about, in case of a Go.