Greenfield Setup- Services

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A global US-based KPO, focused on next-gen tech like cloud & AI, is on an expansion drive. They entered India, as part of their expansion strategy, courtesy Greenfield Services Setup by Business Access Partners.

This US based next generation KPO offers deep expertise in cloud based digital customer services including AI and security surveillance solutions. They wanted to enter India as part of their expansion strategy.

They needed to do a detailed location assessment study leading to the right delivery centre set up for their operations.


Location Planning

Location planning & assessment was carried out with the following parameters

  • A cloud-based customer service centre would require power surplus location with very low power latency and an always on, 24/7 connectivity
  • Since the centre would house sensitive data servers, we needed climate stability with respect to rains and relative humidity
  • Seismologically stable location to ensure low risk of earthquakes
  • Easy access to highly qualified talent pool

In line with the above considerations and after comparing various locations, Indore, in the state of Madhya Pradesh was chosen as the optimum location.

Land Acquisition: Operations Centre

We procured a premium commercial space in the heart of the city of Indore for setting up the operations centre 


Power surplus state of Madhya Pradesh was chosen

Enabled access to young & exceptional talent pool – Indore is the only city to house India’s premier technology as well as business schools – IIT and IIM

We garnered suitable subsidy from the state government under MP IT, ITeS & ESDM Investment Promotion Policy