Greenfield Setup

Business in India can be challenging with its complex business norms and local policy frameworks.

Our team of native, deep domain expert advisors understand the socio-political-legal as well as business factors that impact greenfield projects in India.

Our flagship offering is thus built as a single-window solution for organizations aiming to enter the Indian market or set up base in India. The service is focused on delivering tailored, objective and clear enablement for greenfield setups.

Our service offering includes

Location Planning

In any business (from manufacturing, IT, BPO to KPO and beyond), a strategically chosen location is extremely important.

We work closely with your team to find the optimum location that ensures

  • Availability of infrastructure – power, water, connectivity & more
  • Availability of talent – semi-skilled, skilled, contractual, knowledge workers, managerial & leadership
  • Supply chain efficacy – availability of raw materials, good logistical infrastructure & more
  • Subsidies, business-friendly local norms and provisions by the government including SEZ, SEPZ etc.

Legal Due-Diligence

The process of land acquisition and legal due diligence in India is both time consuming as well as complicated due to involvement of various regulatory authorities, federal laws & judicial precedents.

Having executed several land acquisitions, BAP offers an immaculate framework involving title verification, diligence on any encumbrances/charges as well as any state specific legislations impacting the transfer of property thus enabling clients minimize the transaction risks in consonance with their requirements; some broad facets as listed below

  • Title Verification & Derivation of ownership – This involves tracing the titles of present as well as preceding owners including verifying registered sale deeds & title documents
  • Charges Or Encumbrances – Involves checking for any financial liability/chares such as Lien, Mortgage over the property
  • Transfer within specific categories – In some states by virtue of local legislations, if the land belongs to a certain reserved category (SC’s, ST’s) a specific course of action needs to be taken before any transfer documentation

Land Acquisition

In India, land is more than a mere asset – it is often considered a mark of pride for the owner.

Our team understands local sensibilities, customs and laws across the country. We help you navigate the following for purchase and allotment of the optimum land parcel

  • Labyrinth of local, state and central laws
  • Liaison with relevant stakeholders (government, private landowners, intermediaries and more) for all statutory approvals

Licenses, Approvals & Implementation

To commence operations, an entity needs a variety of approvals, compliance certificates & registrations. Not to mention rigorous implementation to get things off ground. We work with you to enable

  • Detailed requirement gathering, understanding and translation into clear plans
  • All necessary approvals leading to better speed to market including factory licenses, fire safety approvals, EIA clearances including CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) as well as state level, building stability certificates etc.
  • Identifying and connecting with the right strategic partner for implementing the greenfield setup